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The sale of custom engraved bricks in the walk of Old Library Park has been a major source of fund raising for PBGC since 1997.  We hope you will buy one or more to honor family, friends, pets, special events, etc. -- which will support our work in the community.  Thank you.

Greetings To All...... From Kathleen Romeo, President of Plum Beach Garden Club


     On behalf of Plum Beach Garden Club, I would like to wish you the happiest of holiday seasons. What a remarkable year 2020 has been! It is one we will all remember for years to come.....unprecedented in fear and uncertainty. However, one thing has been certain, the kindness and generosity that we’ve observed and experienced in so many ways. We’ve seen it in our families and in our neighborhoods, and we’ve witnessed it in our world. This Pandemic has forced us to pause, and reflect on what is most important in life.
     I would like to reflect for one moment on the generosity that has been shown toward our garden club this year. 

     We have received so much support during 2020, so much kindness, and so many notes of gratitude for what we do for this town.   In a year that promised uncertainty for our little club, we have managed to rally! And for that, we are most grateful.

     • I would like to thank the Town of North Kingstown and the RI State Legislature for granting us funds to help with the maintenance of the village’s gardens. 
     • I am so very grateful for the unexpected donations that we received this year! One donation package helped us to renovate an overgrown garden in Updike Park.
     • And the Brick Buyers.....let us not forget their kindness and generosity! We have had a record breaking year of selling bricks for the walkway in Old Library Park.
     • The village’s residents, merchants and the HistWick organization have given us so much support this year by not only recognizing our accomplishments, but by simply thanking us....for that I am grateful.
      • And lastly, but certainly most important, I am thankful for our members and the kindness and generosity that is always evident within the club. They are dedicated, hard working women that care so much, and are always willing to do their share.

     Plum Beach Garden Club celebrates it’s 94th year in 2021. We enter this new year with renewed hope! We wish for each of you, a happy and healthy New Year! And, again....... thank you!

Blue Star Memorial Islands
... a tribute to 

Harriet Powell, center in photo, has been honored for her dedication to the rescue of pollinators with an Award of Excellence from Plum Beach Garden Club, presented by President Kathleen Romeo (left) and Pollinator Chair Carol Gjelsvik (right).


Harriet’s activism in educating people about the plight of the pollinators and what each of us can do to restore their numbers has made a difference in our community. Harriet played a leadership role, in partnership with Plum Beach Garden Club, in the establishment of the Pollinator Habitat at Casey Farm.


Read more about Harriet and and the Pollinator Habitat.

A new garden in Updike Park will bring all-seasons beauty to the corner of Brown Street and West Main in Wickford. The once overgrown space is now a natural complement to the park’s Anne Wallau garden, thanks to the generous contributions of Kostas Karampetsos, proprietor of Tavern By The Sea, and Joe Kolb, owner of Wickford Wealth Management, pictured with PBGC President Kathleen Romeo and Linda Sollitto, PBGC Civic Beautification Chair (l to r). The club planted and will maintain the collection of fragrant shrubs and trees that were particularly chosen to appeal to people and pollinators.

Pictured above is how the shrubs and trees

will look as they grow into place.

Plum Beach Garden Club is a 501(c)(3) organization.   Any donations you make will be acknowledged for your tax purposes.

Plum Beach Garden Club is Class 2 Garden Club as defined by the National Garden Clubs.

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