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Native Plants

Introduction to Native Plants

Link above to an article by PBGC member Linda Oliver Hughes

RI wild plant society logo.jpg

Link above to find extensive information about native plants in Rhode Island, 

audubon logo.jpg

Link above, enter your zip code (email not necessary) and get names, pictures and information about hundreds of plants native to your locality.

native plants trust logo.jpg

Link above to an information-rich website dedicated to conserving and promoting New England’s native plants to ensure healthy, biologically diverse landscapes.

What is a Native Plant?


Plants are considered Native if they have existed in an area for centuries; plants that were not brought to an area from a different part of the world.  Natives support the local eco-system better than “outsiders".  

A few of our locals ...
new england american aster.jpg
silver maple.jpg
pink azelea.jpg
joe pye eye.jpg
american hollt.jpg
cranes bill geranium.jpg
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