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Highlights .... from 2021
craven town 2000 jan 2022.jpg

Many thanks to Rep. Bob Craven for sponsoring and securing a $2,000 legislative grant from Rhode Island for Plum Beach Garden Club. On a recent chilly day he joined PBGC President Kathleen Romeo (right) and Vice President Andrea Sarrasin (left) in Old Library Park to present the check. PBGC depends on grants, donations and fund raising and is most grateful for this generous support toward covering costs of their many community beautification projects in North Kingstown.

Newport Flower Show 2021     

Congratulations and thanks to Marion Bartkiewicz (R) and Brenda Johnston (L)  for bringing home three ribbons to Plum Beach Garden Club from the Newport Flower Show.  

Brenda Johnson.jpg
Marion Bartkiewicz.jpeg
will king never forget.jpg

Will King has been honored with an Award of Excellence from Plum Beach Garden Club for his dedication and commitment to bringing a “Never Forget Garden” to Wickford’s Updike Park.


These living tribute gardens are being created in towns across America in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  They are sponsored by the Society of the Honor Guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and before being sent to Vietnam, Will was stationed at Arlington Cemetery where he was an Officer-of-the-Guard.  


The purpose of these gardens is to provide people with an appropriately quiet and solemn place where they can go to give thanks and reflect on the contributions and sacrifices made by veterans and their families to our country.  So that we Never Forget.  

We are indeed grateful that Will and his wife Marsha, a member of PBGC, live here and worked so hard to bring this honor to North Kingstown.

mollis NK 2021 $2000.jpg

North Kingstown Town Manager Ralph Mollis (center) met with PBGC President Kathleen Romeo (L) and Civic Beautification Chair Linda Sollito (R) in Old Library Park in September to present a $2,000 grant from the North Kingstown Town Council.  PBGC is most grateful for this significant contribution toward the costs of community beautification projects in North Kingstown.

North Kingstown Tree Planting Project

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


Which is exactly what Plum Beach Garden Club did in partnership with Histwick and the Town of North Kingstown. This year, six trees will be planted along Main Street and Church Lane by Arbor Day with the intent of extending this civic beautification project to other locations throughout North Kingstown in the future.


February 2021 -

Grinding the old stumps.

group planting.jpg

April 2021 -

Planting six new trees.


The Beechwood Community Center has been honored with an Award of Excellence from the Plum Beach Garden Club for its welcoming raised flower bed. Club President Kathleen Romeo presented the award to the Center’s Director Marie Marcotte and Assistant Director Erin McAndrew (l to r).

food pantry donate.jpg

In keeping with annual tradition, PBGC Treasurer Barbara Dawson delivered $1,580 in donations to North Kingstown Food Pantry Operations Manager Stephen Souls in November.  Donations came from individual club members plus an additional $500 from PBGC.

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