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Lotus Pond

How did it happen that a wondrous lotus pond became established on Route 1A just south of Wickford Village in North Kingstown RI? For those who don’t know the story, we go back to 1982 when Carl and Ralph Dworman began the transformation of the old Hamilton Web textile mill into the area’s first condominium complex and named this ambitious project Hamilton Harbor. To make the setting as attractive as possible, they hired landscaper Ed Williams. It was he who saw the potential of the muddy trench by the side of the road that was once part of the natural water system that powered the mill. Even though Lotus are native to tropical climates, especially in Asia, he thought the unique conditions of this location just might work. He planted the first lotus in 1982 and his vision has proved correct …. and we are grateful that he was inspired to give it a try. 

Every year painters and photographers come to capture the beauty in their own style.



When do they bloom?

The lotus start to bloom in July and continue into August.


How can I find the lotus pond in North Kingstown?

The address for your GPS is 40 Web Avenue, 02852.

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