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Plum Beach Garden Club

is a group of

gardeners dedicated

to community




and education.

The sale of custom engraved bricks in the walk of Old Library Park has been a major source of fund raising for PBGC since 1997.  We hope you will buy one or more to honor family, friends, pets, special events, etc. -- which will support our work in the community.  Thank you.

Newport Flower Show 2021     

Congratulations and thanks for Marion Bartkiewicz (R) and Brenda Johnston (L)  for bringing home three ribbons to Plum Beach Garden Club from the Newport Flower Show.  

Brenda Johnson.jpg
Marion Bartkiewicz.jpeg

     Winning a ribbon in the GARDEN CLUB CHALLENGE is always an honor. This entry designed by Marion Bartkiewicz and Brenda Johnston for the “Garden Club Challenge, Class 1: Sylvan Voices, Subclass: Seedheads Garden Stake” won a Second Place Blue Ribbon and a Judge’s Commendation.


     Instructions for this competition were “to plant a classical urn on a plinth, to include a preponderance of silver-toned plant material” and to use the Seedheads Garden Stakes that were provided as the only accessory.  

Succulents Redux.jpg

Brenda Johnston won a First Place Blue Ribbon for Class 5: Succulents Redux. Instructions for this competition were to “Pair your favorite succulent(s) with an unexpected object used as a planter.”

Brenda used a coconut shell, which added an attractive texture to the composition.


Brenda Johnston won a First Place Blue Ribbon for Class 6: Enduring Beauty. Instructions were to “Compose a mixed planting of three or more different perennials, chosen for foliage and/or flower, in a planter”. Brenda choose an antique wooden box for the planter. This entry also received a Judge’s Commendation stating, “Delightful arrangement of texture and color”.

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