Plum Beach Garden Club

is a group of

gardeners dedicated

to community




and education.

The sale of custom engraved bricks in the walk of Old Library Park has been a major source of fund raising for PBGC since 1997.  We hope you will buy one or more to honor family, friends, pets, special events, etc. -- which will support our work in the community.  Thank you.

Our History

In 1927, a small group of gardeners, men and women, from the Plum Beach area of Saunderstown founded the Plum Beach Garden Club.  


They took on ambitious projects including Standard Flower Shows, garden tours, tree plantings, and a plant therapy program for the elderly - all while carrying out their commitment to civic beautification. 

Early Members l to r: Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Godfrey,

Mrs. Webster, Mrs. Coates, Mrs. Bradshaw, Mrs. Horton,

Mrs. Haslam, Mrs. Morrel, Mrs. Richardson

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