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Gail Stokes
Jun 3

What is the name of this -


Edited: Oct 23

I think it's an herb ... but not sure.


Sep 10

I think it might be Artesmia?

Gail Stokes
Oct 23

Thanks to Linda Sollitto and Cathy Shippee for researching

Lavender Cotton

Santolina chamaecyparissus

Sku #7040

A dense, mounding, woody shrub with attractive, aromatic, finely textured, silver-gray foliage. Produces small, bright yellow flowers in the summer. Creates a very attractive groundcover or edging for walks and borders. Works well in the foreground of an herb garden. Drought tolerant when established. Evergreen.


New Posts
  • nancybeck929
    Oct 27

    If you want to plant garlic for next years pesto, plant the cloves now. Sunny spot.
  • ljsollitto
    Oct 23

    This was Sept.2018 blooming it's head off for my granddaughter's wedding. This plant is a night pollinator so it is very fragrant at night, starting at dusk. I have it in a lightweight pot so it can be lifted and put in my basement for the winter. I've had it for many years and i found it at Logee's greenhouse.
  • kathleenromeo1
    Oct 23

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